“The daily newspapers talk of everything except the daily.”
- G. Perec

I am a Rotterdam based aspiring documentary photographer. I think the limitation of the medium of photography is its charm. I am fascinated with the everyday because it is here all the time, it’s a world hidden in plain view, ready to be explored.

In my work I use different facets from straight photography. To be more specific, I can appreciate the craft of a good photograph, giving great attention to sharpness and making sure every image is rich in detail with strong tonalities.

I also keep the words from Georges Perec in the back of my mind when producing photographs. Namely the ones that he wrote in his 1973 piece “The Infra-Ordinary” referring to the everyday that has become so “normal” that most people became blind to it. I feel like it’s my duty as an artist to open these peoples eyes again.

The previously stated factors together with a sincere and direct view of the world, allows me to produce the work that I do.

Since I am so fascinated with the “Infra-Ordinary” there is no need for me to travel far to find interesting subjects to document.

Take my latest project “Sjaarloos”. Here I document the everyday life in the Rotterdam neighbourhood Charlois, but it is only everyday and “normal” because it is in the context of this neighbourhood. Only when you take these photographs out of the district do they get a new meaning. The entirety of the project is shot on analog film, with great attention to detail and tonality.

I also shoot digital but my preference goes out to analog, this because it is tangible and thus feels more real to me. Analog photography has also given me this unbelievable desire of wanting to get better, wanting to learn and wanting to grow as an artist


2019 - Making (a) Public / Group Exhibition / Photofestival Schiedam
2021 - InsideOUT / Group Exhibition / SKVR, Rotterdam
2021 - Under Construction / Group Exhibition / Wijnhaven, Rotterdam

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